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Unlock your true potential. We take the guesswork out of Keto so you can focus on putting in the work and see accelerated results.


All your essential Keto vitamins all in one place! Use code: "Fatadapt" for 10% off your purchase.

Activity Level

        Sedentary - Desk Job

        Lightly Active - Retail

        Active - Personal Trainer

        Very Active - Physical Labor

        If unknown, use Sedentary

Protein Selection

Research shows 0.62g/lb of lean body mass to be sufficient. We recommend 1.0 for the average person, higher if lifting up to 2.0

Deficit %

Select a calorie deficit or surplus based on your goal. A 5-25% deficit for fat loss is sustainable for most and 5-15% surplus is all most need for lean gaining.

Lifting Days

If Lifting, add how many days per week and how much time spent actually LIFTING during each session, not total gym time.

Macro Calculator

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